Energy Consulting: Save Energy & Save Money With The OE Group!

With increasing importance and impact, energy costs take a toll on business. Whether you own or operate an office building, warehouse, manufacturing plant or specialized facility such as a nursing home, optimizing your commercial power usage -- at the lowest possible price -- is critical. The OE Group energy consults will:

- Assess your energy efficiency with a free commercial energy audit
- Help you out of increasingly unfavorable commercial energy contracts
- Audit your bills and secure refunds for inaccuracies
- Find and negotiate better commercial energy rates
- Assist your business's conversion from oil to gas heat
- Secure rebates for commercial energy efficient measures

Why pay so much in commercial energy audit expenses? We work on contingency, so we don't make a dime until we save you money. It's entirely risk-free! When it comes to business energy solutions, consult with us.

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